Frank Foster Hit Billboard Twice in 2016

2016 saw the release of Frank’s fifth and sixth studio album. January’s “Boots On The Ground” entered the Billboard Country Charts at #7 making it Frank’s second straight top 10 debut. In late October, “Good Country Music” was released and entered the Billboard Country Charts at #13. Frank’s Billboard resume’ is truly growing into something special. Since first entering the charts back in 2012 at #30 with his “Red Wings and Six Strings” album, every single album since has landed either top 20 (Southern Soul #11, Good Country Music #13) or top 10 (Rhythm and Whiskey #4, Boots On the Ground #7). Frank continues to defy the odds and build a career based not on the politics of the music industry, but on the honesty of his songs and the fans that want to hear it….true independence personified.